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Texaco Building Transformed
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Photograph of the Original Westley's Texaco As It Appeared in 1955

Original Texaco Building Remodeled in 2007-2008

In April 2007, I visited with Albert and Geneva Casey at Casey’s Service Center in Clifton, Texas. Albert told me he had purchased the Texaco station from Bob Strain in February 1963 and had been in business for 44 years. The late Mr. Spruce Schow had built the original Texaco building at 100 North Avenue G in Clifton, Texas about 1954 or early 1955. The Texaco building was located at the intersection of Highway 6 (to Waco, Texas) and FM 219 (to Cranfills Gap). Charles Westley first leased the new building from Mr. Schow as Westley’s Texaco, which it remained, until the spring of 1962, when Mr. Westley sold the station business to Bob Strain.


The original Texaco building was the typical Texaco Teague design, which were two service bays, one for vehicle lubrication and service and the other for washing the vehicle. A small office was usually next to the service bay, with two restrooms accessed from outside the main building. Some stations had a canopy over a set of gasoline pumps, and some did not, as was with Westley’s Texaco. There were two sets of gasoline pumps (Fire Chief or regular and Sky Chief or ethyl), and one set was directly in front of the building (near Highway 6), and the other set of gas pumps was on the south side of the building next to FM 219. The pumps were quite a long distance from the office.


In the summer of 2007, Albert and Geneva Casey sold Casey’s Service Center. Coldwell Banker (Real Estate) purchased the property and completely remodeled the building. The old building was not taken down. At sometime during Mr. Casey's ownership of Casey's Service Center, two additional service bays were added next to the wash bay on the north side of the building. The entire building has now been enclosed into one large facility!  The original Texaco building and the portion Mr. Casey had added on, was completely enclosed in the new building. As of June 2008, the exterior of the building had been completed. There were several offices inside the new building and work was to be completed on additional office space.


The following photographs are of Casey's Texaco in the 1980s, and Casey's Service Center in April 2007, followed by remodeling of the building in the Fall of 2007 and photographs of the completed Caldwell Banker building as of June 2008.




Casey's Texaco in the 1980's


Casey's Service Center in April 2007


Casey's Service Center in April 2007


Casey's Service Center in April 2007


Casey's Service Center in April 2007


Remodeling in Progress Fall 2007

Photo from the Clifton Record

Remodeling in Progress Fall 2007

Photo from the Clifton Record

Aerial View of Remodeling in Progress

Photo from the Clifton Record

Coldwell Banker Building June 2008


Coldwell Banker Building June 2008


Coldwell Banker Building June 2008


Coldwell Banker Building Interior June 2008


Coldwell Banker Building Interior 2008


Coldwell Banker Building Office June 2008


Coldwell Banker Building - Clifton, Texas - June 2008

I was glad the old Clifton Texaco building was not torn down. The transformation of the old original Teague Design Texaco is incredible! These old Texaco buildings were well built.  Many still exist in towns and cities all over the United States, but are being used for other businesses. Look for the Teague design and the heavy duty aluminum awning over the office front and door. There may be one or two old Texacos in your town.