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 Model Changes in 2008

When I completed work on the Texaco model in January 2007, I only had a 5" x 7", fifty-one year old photograph of Westley’s Texaco, as shown under Item 2, "Westley's Texaco" in the main menu. When I was constructing the model, I could not remember if the awning above the office front window and office door, extended around to the south side of the building. I had originally made and attached this awning piece to the model, but removed it, since I was not 100% sure the awning wrapped around the building to the south side.

When I was in Texas in April 2007, visiting my brother in Waco, Texas, I found the old Clifton Record newspaper article clipping as shown on the Home page of this web site. Unfortunately, the news clipping did not indicate the date Westley’s Texaco actually opened.


In January 2008, I made some changes and additions to the Westley Texaco model. These include: adding the “wrap-around” awning to the south side of the building; replacing the “Chas. Westley, Marfak Lubrication, Washing” Mylar letters with raised letters; adding the louvered windows to the office; adding the “Men” and “Ladies” slat signs above the restroom doors; adding a front door to the office; adding the two bay doors; adding the sink to the lubrication bay; adding the mechanism that operated the hydraulic lift; adding the access plates the ground gasoline tanks; making a gasoline measuring stick; making a newspaper rack with several miniature copies of the Clifton Record, dated November 1955; making a two-wheel hand truck or dolly; making a stand alone “Clean Restrooms” sign; making a gasoline price sign; making several items to stock the cabinet shelves in the office such as filters and parts and other items; making a handheld sprayer used to spray tires after a vehicle was washed. I also purchased several vehicles of the 1940s and 1950s era (pickup trucks) from eBay to add to the realism of the photographic scenes.


I have included a few photographs of the Texaco model as it appeared in early 2008. I hope to add additional photos of the model with different vehicles in the near future. 




Westley's Texaco Model January 2008


Westley's Texaco Model with Bay Doors Closed


Westley's Texaco Model side view (North)


Westley's Texaco Model corner view (South)


1949 Ford Pickup was used when Westley'sTexaco first opened


1953 Ford Tanker Texaco gasoline truck


1951 Chevrolet on the grease rack in Westley's Texaco Model


Westley's Texaco Model with 1953 Chevrolet and 1948 Ford Pickups


A View into the Office - Westley's Texaco Model


Some of the Hand-Made Contents and Accessories with the Westley's Texaco Model