El Cariso Hot Shots 1966

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About Me

I worked on the El Cariso Hot Shots during the summer of 1966. I returned to college in September 1966. I had no contact with anyone from the El Cariso Hot Shots from November of 1966 until last summer, 2009.  I ran across a letter on the Internet from Jerry Smith to the Chief of the U. S. Forest Service concerning the dedication of the El Cariso Park. I was able to contact Jerry and have been in contact with about 7 former 1966 El Cariso Hot Shots since last fall 2009.

After graduating from Stephen F. Austin State College in May 1967, I began a career with the US Forest Service in South Carolina. I joined the United States Army in November 1968 and served until November of 1971. I resumed my career with the US Forest Service in January 1973 and retired several years ago.


My Fire Stick from 1966

Proudly holding the fire stick I made in 1966.

This Fire Stick is now at the El Cariso Interagency Hot Shot Camp office, Trabuco Ranger District, Cleveland National Forest, 32353 Ortega Highway, Lake Elsinore California, 92530, Phone: 951-678-2944, as of Friday, November 2, 2012.


In My Office


Belt Buckle by Western Heritage

This was my old office, a place of study, relaxation, hobbies, and solitude.  I have moved to Bentonville, Arkansas and have a similar office.




Here are my other two web sites:



As a young boy in the 1950s, I worked at my dad's Texaco station after school and on weekends and during the summer. You can read about these adventures at Westley's Texaco at this web site:

You may also run a search of "Westley's Texaco" and the web site and images should come up in Yahoo or Google search. 
In 2006, I built a model of my dad's Texaco station including various service station tools and equipment. I had some car models and purchased some other cars and trucks from eBay to complement the model. I plan to up-date this site in the near future. 

My other web site,
is about my grandparents and family on my mother's side of the family. In 1989 I built a model of the Gaston farm house, windmill, wind generator, water storage tank and outhouse.

I spent a lot of my childhood days on the Ras Gaston farm near Cranfills Gap, Texas. The "Gap" has recently become known for the Horny Toad Bar and Grill.


Westley's Texaco Model at http://www.norwegianwest.com


Gaston Farm House Model